Lucky Dip Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Lucky Dip is the ultimate stash-busting crochet blanket – just grab all your odds and ends of yarn and off you go. My advice is to stick to colours in the same tonal range eg. all brights, or pastels, or perhaps naturals like soft browns and greens. But it’s entirely up to you. Once you’re happy that your chosen yarns will play nicely together, find a large bag and drop them in – if you’re adventurous, you can stick your hand in your bag as you get to the end of each row and let chance dictate which colour comes next. (If you like, you can then put that colour aside to avoid picking it up twice, but it’s your call!) If you want some colours to predominate – in my case black and white - then add in some extra balls to your bag. Or you can simply cheat and decide for yourself when to drop them into your colour scheme. I promise not to tell!

My Lucky Dip is approximately 105cm (41in) wide (not including tassels) by 120cm (46in) long, but you can make yours as wide or long as you please. I used DK acrylic scraps and a 4mm crochet hook, but you could use any weight of yarn you like and adjust your hook size accordingly.