Instant Gratification Socks


So many reasons to knit these double-stranded aran weight socks!

* You need a socks in a hurry – complete these comfortably in just four sittings

* You've no idea what to do with that garish variegated sock yarn you bought on impulse – tone it down by teaming it up with a more neutral colour 

* You want to soften up a toothy or rough sock yarn – pair it with a softer Alpaca blend yarn like Drops Nord

* You want thicker hand knitted socks that can stand the rigours of dog walks and hiking – these will go on forever

* You’ve never knit socks before – no need to buy small gauge needles or grapple with tiny stitches

* You don’t want the faff of grafting or Kitchener stitch – the round toe is fast and easy

Easy, fast, versatile. What’s not to love?