Five Crochet Hacks Everyone Should Know

Five Crochet Hacks Everyone Should Know

June 10, 2019

The best hacks make your life easier - and crochet is no exception. Here's five of the most useful we've come across.

1. Magic Circle

Like many people, you probably learned the traditional way to start off a granny square or other projects that begin with crochet in the round – simply chain a few stitches, then slip stitch to join each end together. The magic circle - sometimes known as the magic ring or magic loop - is quicker and easier, and enables you to create a nice tight centre for projects like amigurumi.

Yes, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll never look back. Check out this neat tutorial here


2. Magic Knot

While we’re talking magic, this method for joining yarn will revolutionise projects like blankets where you're often changing colour - after all, who needs all those ends to weave in? Again, it takes a little practice, but you'll find really clear instructions in this Bella Coco video, or check out this picture tutorial at Nelkin Designs. For instructions on how to position the magic knot with a change in colour, check out our post here.


3. Foundationless Crochet

Some crochet blankets can have starting chains as long as 200 plus stitches, and it's often important to have the exact right number. We don’t know about you, but we've lost count of the number of times we…err…have lost count, have ended up with too many or too few stitches in the first pattern row and had to go back and start again.

Foundationless crochet is a genius hack that allows you to work that that first row from scratch, adding in as many stitches as you need as you go along. Yes, it still involves some counting, but a lot less ripping back when you discover you’ve got it wrong! Check out Sandra at Cherry Heart's brilliant tutorial here


4. Standing Stitches

Standing stitches are a brilliant way to start a new row without having to use chains to stand in for your first stitch - they're easy, and give seamless look to your finished project. Check out this fabulous how-to guide over on Crystals and Crochet.


5. No-Twist Starting Chain

This crochet hack is so neat and somehow so obvious you wonder how you never thought of it before. If you've managed to twist your initial crochet chain when starting a hat or cowl, and ended up with a mobius strip rather than a circle, then you'll be very grateful for this clever little trick from Brianna K. You're welcome!

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